All Weather Cleaning

Can you clean windows in the rain?

We have been running our company for 10 years now and have seen nearly all the different weather conditions possible in the UK. Many people automatically assume that if it’s raining, then there is no point in cleaning windows, but this is not the case. Unless the weather is especially bad or it is unsafe to carry out a clean then you can still expect to see your window cleaner.

Rain water;

As we are all aware it rains a lot in the UK, but this shouldn’t affect window cleaning. Rainwater is extremely pure and it does not stain your windows. In fact due to the extremely low or negligible levels of contaminants in rainwater, it is more suited to cleaning windows than tap water.

Generally speaking if your windows are dirty following a rain shower, it is because the windows were dirty to begin with, the water simply stuck to the dirt and became contaminated, making the dirt more visible once the windows had dried. If rainwater comes into contact with a clean window, it will either just sheet off or evaporate once the rain has stopped.

High winds;

The only real exception to this is when the rain is heavy in conjunction with high winds, in this scenario the windows are likely to be wet for an extended period. Although that in itself isn’t a problem, the high winds allow dirt and debri to be repeatedly blown on to the windows, this dirt can then stick resulting in a sub-optimal finish. On the rare occasion that the weather is this bad, it will usually become unsafe to operate our telescopic poles. For this reason we won’t be around anyway.

Rest assured that if you do see us, we have determined that the weather is fine to continue providing our service as usual.