Window Cleaning Terms & Conditions

1.0 Payment’s

Our main method of payment is via GoCardless, this can be set up using the following link . For other payment methods please contact us at Payment terms: 7 days.

1.1 Cleaning frequency

We offer 4 or 8 weekly window cleaning schedules. We will always aim to be on time but some flexibility may be required at times due to especially bad weather, bank holidays, etc, that may cause us to be a day or two late.

1.2 Cleaning hours

We carry out domestic window cleaning from 8AM – 5PM Mon-Fri, and 9AM – 4PM Sat.

Due to the volume of both commercial/domestic work, along with Cambridge traffic, we cannot provide specific times that we will be on site. However, feel free to text your window cleaner for an ETA on the day.

1.3 Access around your property

If requested by the customer, we will send a text reminder the day before we are due round asking for access to be provided around the property. We also ask that you ensure that all your windows and doors are closed when we visit, failure to do so may result in windows being missed.

1.4 Bad Weather

One of the many benefits of the reach and wash cleaning method, is its ability to clean in mostly all types of weather. As such, barring the worst of the British weather, you can expect to see your window cleaner as usual. Please click here for more information regarding all weather cleaning.

1.5 Guarantee

We will always try to provide you with the best possible service every time we clean your windows. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our work, you must contact us within 24 hours of the clean. We will then schedule a free re-clean to rectify any issues. Please note, complaints made after 24 hours may not be re-cleaned.

1.6 Skipping/ postponing a scheduled clean

We will try to be as reliable as we can for you, but we also appreciate our customers being reliable. We will make time and space in our schedule available for you. On the day of the clean, or in reply to your text reminder, it is too late for us to replace your clean with another. We reserve the right if turning our team away at the door or cancelling on short notice, to charge you the full price expected and/or cancel any ongoing service with us.

1.7 Ending our services

If for any reason you should wish to cancel our services, you have the right to do so at any time. This can be done by email to However, as one off window cleans are charged at a higher rate than maintenance cleans, a cancellation charge of £20.00 will be payable if cancelled before a second clean has taken place.

Our cleaning methods:

Window cleaning with the Water-fed pole method is a relatively new way of cleaning windows, but it has revolutionised the window cleaning industry. By using the Water-fed pole method, windows can be cleaned more efficiently and without the use of chemicals. It is generally quicker than traditional methods, saving us time and ultimately saving our clients money. The Water-fed pole method also ensures that there are minimal health and safety risks, our operatives can clean your windows, gutters and fascias all from the safety of the ground.

Please click here for a detailed explanation of the system, and what you can expect from a first clean.